Bergamo accommodation closest to the prestigious Accademia Carrara.

Our city can offer you all this, but deciding among all its attractions can be complicated.


Heading in the opposite direction, one finds oneself leaving the Venetian Walls and arriving in the suburbs of the lower city, where one can admire the many works of theCarrara Academy and Gamec (Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art), finally arriving in the center of the modern city, with its stores and places to enjoy some shopping or a happy hour.

Discover Bergamo

To make your visit easier, we decided to create a route that allows you to visit all the most important places, starting from the Upper Town, or, better yet, from its heart: Piazza Vecchia.

You will find yourself surrounded by historic palaces, towers and churches, besieged by its historical charm: it will be up to you to decide whether to let the city conquer your heart.


The Orobie is an eighty-kilometer-long mountain range of peaks, ridges, valleys, meadows, forests, and natural environments of extraordinary value, dotted with pastures, farmsteads, villages, and shelters, all sandwiched between peaks approaching 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) and wide rolling countryside before the plains.These mountains, a great heritage for the province of Bergamo, have always been part of the history and culture of the people.